The Lovely Kate Henry

i got my sweet package thursday. it's like christmas all over again! such a sweet seller. one of the nicest i have worked with in a long time :) and she's a featured seller on etsy! very well deserved in my opinon and i'm sure many others are thinking the same!



wowzers! i'm really excited with all the sponsors donating items! i've been a member of etsy for about two years and just started selling and if you look at my old profiles, you're into a big mess of my favorites. and some of my oldtime favorites are donating! weee!! this is total excitement.

aaand today is my four month aniverasy. happy four months quoc!!!


Sneak Peak



i have read so many blogs announcing a giveaway or a giveaway to-be, so i thought, hey! let's have one here at umbrellastand!

follow bloggiveaway for more!

so far i am only looking at shops and have had a few sellers agree to sponsor the giveaway already which is a good start since my shop and this blog is only a few weeks old and not many people have heard of this blog yet.. it was pretty brave of the sellers to agree to it, i must admit. but it is very appreciated!

thanks to everyone who donated items already!


what's a kid to do with only a camera and a roomful of inanimate objects? take random pictures!

i am going to get some oldschool film and dust this dear camera off. it's an old cannon from the 80s. my parents bought it when they had my eldest brother. he's 22. i might just keep it for nostalgic purposes. who knows?

**the quality of these pictures have been lowered for privacy reasons.


For My Loves

happy valentine's day everyone!

1. be mine banner from a prettyfnmess :: 2. la la love you print from sparklepower :: 3. if you love something, set if free from 3lambsgraphics :: 4. padama heart notecard from essimar :: 5. the beautiful fox from blackoutwell


Daily Inspiration

1.waiting for the rain by prettylittlethieves :: 2. looking for love by irenesuchocki :: 3. le pain d'amour by honeytree :: 4. tiny by backbone :: 5. illuminate by angiemuldowney


Be My Pretty Valentine!

i stumbled upon a very pretty picture. i thought you should too! :)

from jenzet


Today is the Day

today is the last day for guaranteed shipping before valentine's day.

and for those of you who don't have a sweetie, stay tuned for a special sale! :)

daily inspirtaion

photos by decor.amor (flickr)


Spring Cleaning!

okay, so maybe it's a little early...but it's never a bad time to organize!!
i am hoping to get a studio done by at least the summer, maybe spring break so i'm on an all out manhunt for the perfect solutions.

thus far, i have found the greatest websites ever.
organize.com has all of the cutest things! i am in love.

Design*Sponge is also a great place to get inspired!

new items were added to the shop today. hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

All For Love

my dear friend at oh, hello friend has brought much inspiration to me.

she put together this sweet envelope book for her guy. how cute is this! i shall attempt to create one for mine. we'll see how this turns out...hehe.


Ready. Set. Go!

umbrellastand is offically launched today! there is still more to come, so check back often! i am super happy to offer pretty pieces at reasonable prices, so snatch up the goodies while you can!

i already have some hearts!! this is really exciting to me!

i am looking for some great display tips. any one have any?
i've found some great vintage plates on etsy. these are great for organizing too! a good idea for my new studio, which i hope to have done by the summer! :)
here are a few:

1959 Blue Gree Shenango Dishes from ArtZodiac

Blue Rhythm Serving Plate from lookonmytreasures

Small vintage dish from EmilyLynch

::{have a sweet day}::
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