Blog Changes

Hello readers! :)

I added a third column to my blog! If you didn't notice my constantly changed blog look, here's a rough review:
+ I changed from a right column to a left
+ I pushed the left column all the way to the left
+ I changed to color, then the fonts

Now I have a third column! I did this because I didn't like the way my Daily Reads were all the way at the bottom, where most people wouldn't even see them most of the time.

So now on the left you can find my stuff, on the right you can find blogs and other things I like :)

By the way, has anyone had a problem with the new embedded comment form? I can't comment on lots of peoples blogs, which makes me feel like I'm giving them the impression that I'm ignoring them. I'm not really. I would reply, but the new comment form is preventing me from showing you how much I appreciate your comment.

Sad. :( If you know how to fix this, I'd be happy to hear! Actually, I'd be really really excited.
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