Summer Soul

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Oh summer soul,
you are so delicate and pretty.
I hope you won't slip away
so suddenly.

( This little poem was to justify my abscence from this blog. I hope it works haha! )


Perfect Paper Airplanes

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Perfect Paper Airplanes is by far my favorite local band! I've never really paid attention to all the local bands playing at coffee shops, but I do enjoy listening to this one. If you're in the Fort Smith area, they will be playing again at Sweet Bay near Creekmore Park on August 2nd, so be sure to stop by!

Listen to their music here.


Leighton Meester Is So Lovely!

I'm no small fan of Gossip Girl. This is my favorite singer at the moment!


Emma Watson

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I saw the latest installment of the Harry Potter films. What are your opinions?
I think Emma Watson is a pretty lady!




(500) Days of Summer

I can't wait to see this move! I anticipate it even more then the latest installment of Harry Potter!


Weekend Shopping

rainboots is having a huge clearance sale on all items, even the newly listed ones! So if you're crafty, head on over and grab some great deals before the shop goes on a wee vacation!

umbrellastand is also having a huge clearance sale to make way for some new designs! There will be lots of great deals ( think black friday shopping, but a little earlier ) and the Summer 09 Collection is on sale!! So grab up some great buys tonight!

A little side note for sales on both shops : I will be in and out of town for a few days, so there will be some delays on getting your order to you as I won't have much time to pack and ship orders. If you need anything soon, let me know! See both shops for details! Happy shopping!


Friday Link Love

umbrellastand is having a Super Summer Sale starting July 2nd! Be sure to check back then for some great deals!

♥ I love hearing about young talent! Nancy Lam is only a couple years older than I and she is amazing! Her photography makes me feel so light and entranced. Look at her website if you're feeling down! Very Peter Pan meets inner child. Brilliant!

♥ The most darling person ever, Luphia, just launched her own online clothing store. And it ships internationally. How great is that? Lots of beautiful Korean inspired wear. And if you know about Korean style, they know how to dress to impress! Very very great finds here and even better prices! Go shopping at luphia.co.uk.

♥ Don't you just love it when you think someone is attractive just by their hair? See more of Nicholas Haggard's work here.

Happy weekend dears!


Every Little Counts

Every Little Counts

These shirts make me want to wear some eyeliner. I never wear eyeliner. That's how much I love this little brand.


Built By Wendy SALE

If you remeber from this post, I mentioned a little clothing brand named Built by Wendy. This morning I was reading the scoop from all the blogs I follow and hello lindello ( a fast favorite! ) mentioned that there was a sale going on. I was really excited. I'm still excited.


Hello July!

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So I am super belated on this one. How are you, dear readers? So sorry I took such a sloppy break from blogging! How was everyone's 4th? I spent mine helping my parents clean out the old house so we can get it listed and have a new family plant their roots. Not much of a weekend. My brothers did light some firecrackers. I stayed in my room and studied for my permit. School's out and I'm still in study mode!

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for your support! I ended a very long relationship with a person very dear to me. I spent a few day reflecting on everything that had happened and how I have grown and matured. Then I spent a few days doing things that I had put off for a very long time. Let me tell you, unpacking is the worst! I still am not completely done and it's been almost three months since we've moved into this place!

You guys are the best! Thank you for the lovely comments and messages! You guys make my day :)


Crazy Cool

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it's too hot to pull of this outfit, and i'm a bit too short but i would if i could :)
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