Today I Like


Bleu Wallpaper Gathered Skirt; $35 by desirapesta <3
Desira is a one-woman team. It seems like a lot of work,so she must be
pretty darn amazing! She designs the most darling and slightly daring
clothing with a small touch of circus and clean lines. I've been looking at this skirt
for a very long time. So lovely! Check out her shop for more lovely clothing!

See her website for more bits : www.desirapesta.com

floral cotton lawn needlebook; $18 by fieldguided <3
Fieldguided is the work of the lovely Anabela and Geoff. They are lovely!
I like to use their blogs and website as my virtual inspiration blog since my
bulletin board seems to be afraid of going up on the wall
( I just can't seem to get that darn thing up there! ).
Visit their shop for more vintage cuteness! See their website for lots of links
and a peek into their days : www.fieldguided.com

* this is going to be my major focus throughout the week, so please check back often!


Dear Readers,

Sorry for the long delya of posting. My Internet was down for about a week and i was completely swamped with emails and things that needed tending to, so i was glued to the computer for days.

Well. I'm here. Almost unpacked. Unfortunately my stress has not gone away with all the boxes. But today was a good day. I've started creating and designing the Summer 09 Collection, which is the first I will be doing. This will be pretty exciting. I've recently ordered lots of things from all over the world and it's going to arrive on my doorstep eventually.

Speaking of packages, I apologize to the winners of the giveaway. All packages will be shipped off tomorrow. I have finally unearthed them in the mess of things!

Also, I got some pretty cute things from my favorite shop ever! More about that later.

Have a lovely week ahead!
<3 Melissa
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