Friday Link Love

Built by Wendy ( above )
What a lovely surprise I discovered today!
This little clothing brand makes pretty clothes
and they offer patterns for you to sew your
own clothing! Just perfect since I have been
trying to learn for years!

Marquis & Camus
Beautiful pieces of work to wear on your neck,
wrist, finger, or your clothes. Really. Check out
their Sale section! I can't even afford that!
But the collections are gorgeous!
( via Luphia Loves )

Renegade Craft Fair
This little show is happening in Brooklyn.
Don't live in Brooklyn? Don't fret!
Check the website for more locations!
Wish I was there! There's lots of artists
I would love to meet!

Have you seen this article about entrances?
So pretty and bright! I'm feeling inspired!
( via design in mine )

Have a lovely weekend all!
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