Happy Friday!

a little video from j. crew.

i really want a striped tee now...


Scatter Brain

this bear is really unrelated to my life currently, but its super cute and the mascot of my school. ;)

i know i've been sketchy with posting but i have devoted a blog to things i like and a blog to the happenings of my life, i'm getting more motivated to share what i'm up to and my current obsessions. since i have been focusing on getting ready for college and seeing the people i'll miss dearly, i haven't been keeping up reading my favorite blogs or updating mine for that matter. so i'll devote this post to things i plan on getting done by the summer's end.

+ i will be selling off most of my supplies to purge my office. the prices will be cheap and i must say i'm kind of sad some beautiful pieces go!

+ i will redecorate my living space. my parents, being traditional vietnamese people, don't think
much of decor and i hope to have this place magazine ready if not by the end of summer than
surely by christmas

+ i will dress up more when i go out. no more jeans and a sloppy shirt for me!

+ i will leave more comments on my fave blogs

and lastly, i will fill out those darn college applications and write those essays. whew that's a lot for a month!



Ahhh. Summer has finally started. Well. Sort of. School for me ended the last week of May. Bust shortly after school let out, I was carted off to Girls' State. And I when I came home last Friday, I had a joyous reunion with my bed. Glorious stuff.

Nowadays, I'm currently making plans to go biking, mastering my tennis skills ( hence the picture above ), swimming, getting my driver's license. I really need to learn how to park! :/

I'm currently working on a new project, slowly adding new items to the shop, and reopening the supply shop soon. Now that school is over and summer is here, I will be able to keep up with posting more often :) I'm super excited about this because I have time to catch up on all my favorite blogs!

What are your summer plans? I'd love to hear!


A Few of My Favorite Things

If only I had a million dollars...I would give some money to charity, pay for college, get a nice car...and spend it on these lovely finds from Etsy.

Lizzy Jassen Gems by Print Liberation, $22 +

The Rock Ring by saralagace, $75 +

Creme Brulee Dress by reddoll, $175 +

Neon Floral High Waisted Pencil Skirt by Cast Couture, $40 +
Arrow Stud Earrings by LiamofYork, $70 +
Gold Dot Necklace by Diamentdesigns, $38 +

P.S. A little plug in here for my shop, Umbrellastand is having a sale to clear inventory for summer! Please shop away so :)



Oh. My. Gosh.
Look at these lovely finds.
Classic classic classic beauties.

I'm smitten.

Check out the store where you can find all of these wonderful simply elegant finds. Along with others!

♥ all images from nstylevintage

Happy Weekend!

Oh how i love this look! I wish to copy it one day.
Image from

Oh my my...I have been far too absent from this blog.
And the shop. And my email accounts, which each had about three hundred emails and I use three accounts actively. Oh dear...

To be quite honest with you guys, I am a loser. I'm a book nerd. I am an honor student with FAR to much time to study and Facebook. One year left until I graduate and I am anticipating it day by day.

Class let out early and I spent the better part of my time out working on photographing items and making business cards and packaging and organizing and lining up posts and now I shall spend a little time napping.

( I have photographed my progress along the way. That'll be in another post tomorrow :] . )

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