Happy Friday!

a little video from j. crew.

i really want a striped tee now...


Scatter Brain

this bear is really unrelated to my life currently, but its super cute and the mascot of my school. ;)

i know i've been sketchy with posting but i have devoted a blog to things i like and a blog to the happenings of my life, i'm getting more motivated to share what i'm up to and my current obsessions. since i have been focusing on getting ready for college and seeing the people i'll miss dearly, i haven't been keeping up reading my favorite blogs or updating mine for that matter. so i'll devote this post to things i plan on getting done by the summer's end.

+ i will be selling off most of my supplies to purge my office. the prices will be cheap and i must say i'm kind of sad some beautiful pieces go!

+ i will redecorate my living space. my parents, being traditional vietnamese people, don't think
much of decor and i hope to have this place magazine ready if not by the end of summer than
surely by christmas

+ i will dress up more when i go out. no more jeans and a sloppy shirt for me!

+ i will leave more comments on my fave blogs

and lastly, i will fill out those darn college applications and write those essays. whew that's a lot for a month!
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