Self Centered

Hello all!

So sorry about the major delays in posting! but as promised, I will tell you guys a little about myself :)

Hello, I'm Melissa and I'm 16. I run Umbrellastand. It's pretty much my hobby/job/college fund. And boy, do I love every bit of it! I hope that this little shop will challenge me creatively and carry me through college, where I hope to study fashion design.

I'm a full time student, action packed with school work and activities and little time to devote to the shop or blog, but I am determined to continue both cause I love it so much!

Some random facts:
- I'm really short
- I'm working on getting my license ( I'm pretty awful at driving hehe)
- I love to read. Even the fine print on labels.
- I like to make lists for just about everything
- I should be studying for the PSAT right now
- My room is currently a hot mess due to my long hours devoted to staring at school work and not doing it.
- I was born in California
- Sometimes I wish I was really smart so I could finish school ASAP
- I love high waisted skirts

So there you have it folks! That's pretty much my life these days. Focus and school and trying to make up for lost time on this beloved blog and shop!

Tell me about yourself! Comment away! I'd love to hear about my readers :)

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