Free Shipping and YART!!

hello. guess what?

I'm having free shipping for most items in the store for the month of June. And I have a few items for the YART sale. Get it while the getting's good!

Also, I mentioned something about my bank account in an earlier post. I'm awaiting for my new account info, but it should come soon...I hope... boo. :(

So please, while I'm poor. Take advantage of the sales going on in the shop.

P.S. The bank account and the sale are totally coincidental. I find it really ironic, don't you?

Salt Bowls

Is it odd that I am under 18 and I have a thing for housewares and interior decor? Well, then I might as well embrace it!

These hand carved wonders are available at herriottgrace. They are the most beautiful things ever! The story behind these bowls is the most inspiring of all also. Read all about it here. So sweet and sentimental. A lot of work has gone into the creation of each and everyone of these wooden bowls and spoons. So lovely. I want one for my dresser! Or two...four max...perhaps seven...hehe
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