Well, for my age (which I decline to tell you dears, for you would probably gasp and question me for being so darn mature...to which I will not be able to answer you), I believe that you can never stop being excited for school ending. It may be really childish of me, but forgive me as I have time to grow. I finished a very exciting school year and now have to clean and organize my room. And as my childish instincts tell me, "I don't wanna!!!." But as the mature side of me says, " Stop being sulky and do it already! It's been almost a month since you have moved into your new home and you still have yet to pick everything up."

So I am creating a studio/bedroom so I don't have to harass my dad into making me a work area in some remote corner of the hose. I figured that since I have a rather large closet space now and a dresser in which I can use as some sort of desk area, might as well give it a shot. But I do love clutters. I do. Subconsciously. I love organization, but too much organization can cause me to become really anal about things. Which is not good. Not good at all.
Here are some lovely places I have seen:
+ Oh this place is adorbs! I love it ( above ).
+ I LOVE this wallpaper. I NEED it.
+ Hehe. I think this just fits my mood perfectly.
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