Dear Friends

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I will be taking a few days off from blogging. I have parted ways with a very dear person to me and I need a few days to recollect and busy myself for a while to keep me from being a human waterspout. I have decided to postpone blogging until the shop has lots of new pretties and I am in a happier place.

Thank you for your continued support & don't forget to enter the giveaway happening at YellowGoat.



Okay, so my favorite season for clothing is summer and winter. Because in both seasons, bows just seem way cuter and florals are always great in s/s, and pretty in moderation during the f/w.
Well I discovered this lovely label of clothing off the ever-inspiring Luphia loves... and they have been on my mind since! They're clothes reminds me of Chloe's S/S collection with a slight touch of I don't know...maybe a hint of rock with the class goodie goodie? I don't think I'm making sense so here's the link to the cutest shop in the word!

( images via Nadinoo)
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