For You, a Discount :)

Hello there.

I feel great today. Which is why I’m giving anybody and everybody 10% off any non-sale item ( because all the sale items are priced super low anyway ) in my shop | umbrellastand.etsy.com |. Just mention that you read this in either my Tumblr | umbrellastand.tumblr.com | or blog.

And I also need to pay a few bills and such and I’m awaiting funds from my bank and they aren’t coming quick enough ( business hours are lame! )

So please, buy something. Yes, this is a shameless attempt. But I really do feel great today!


My Very Own Francoise

I really love this thing. It makes me feel pretty :)
I woke up, hair unstraightened (even though it looks straight, the ends were flippy)
and no make up, put on this headband. I felt pretty fancy.
( sorry for the terrible shots...I don't like taking pictures
of myself. I felt slightly awkward... )

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