Print Liberation

Print Liberation

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Dear Friends

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I will be taking a few days off from blogging. I have parted ways with a very dear person to me and I need a few days to recollect and busy myself for a while to keep me from being a human waterspout. I have decided to postpone blogging until the shop has lots of new pretties and I am in a happier place.

Thank you for your continued support & don't forget to enter the giveaway happening at YellowGoat.



Okay, so my favorite season for clothing is summer and winter. Because in both seasons, bows just seem way cuter and florals are always great in s/s, and pretty in moderation during the f/w.
Well I discovered this lovely label of clothing off the ever-inspiring Luphia loves... and they have been on my mind since! They're clothes reminds me of Chloe's S/S collection with a slight touch of I don't know...maybe a hint of rock with the class goodie goodie? I don't think I'm making sense so here's the link to the cutest shop in the word!

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Currently Lusting

30% off dresses from Asos! So pretty and it looks like they're from every season! I see lots of summer, spring, fall, and winter dresses going on. I love these picks! Oh how I want them on my shoulders and not those models. They make me wish I was just a bit taller. Okay maybe 5 more inches...

Win One of My Necklaces!

The lovely YellowGoat is hosting a giveaway for one Floral Bouquet Necklace. Please do enter! Good luck to all!

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So fresh and cute!!

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Loyal Loot

Loyal Loot Collective has the most quirky and original homewares that are sure to make you smile! Shown above is their whimsical Monsieur Dressup, their lovely Log Bowls, and Prairie House. And their website has a super cool modern vibe that I adore!

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New Wallpapers From Kindred!

A pretty way to make your computer pretty! Head on over to the Kindred Site for a quick and easy desktop makeover!


Today I Like

Handle & Spout

Simply beautiful earrings and hairpins and check out that
leather necklace! It's all on my wishlist :)


Great Wedding Projects!

Learn how to make and birdcage wedding veil! I've seen lots of people wanting them. Well here's your chance to make one! It seems really easy! See the tutorial here.

Ever wanted bunting but couldn't afford it ( story of my
life! )? Well now you can make it yourself!
See the tutorial here.

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Free Shipping and YART!!

hello. guess what?

I'm having free shipping for most items in the store for the month of June. And I have a few items for the YART sale. Get it while the getting's good!

Also, I mentioned something about my bank account in an earlier post. I'm awaiting for my new account info, but it should come soon...I hope... boo. :(

So please, while I'm poor. Take advantage of the sales going on in the shop.

P.S. The bank account and the sale are totally coincidental. I find it really ironic, don't you?

Salt Bowls

Is it odd that I am under 18 and I have a thing for housewares and interior decor? Well, then I might as well embrace it!

These hand carved wonders are available at herriottgrace. They are the most beautiful things ever! The story behind these bowls is the most inspiring of all also. Read all about it here. So sweet and sentimental. A lot of work has gone into the creation of each and everyone of these wooden bowls and spoons. So lovely. I want one for my dresser! Or two...four max...perhaps seven...hehe



lechic is having a massive store clearance! everything is only $3.50! and it must go! since I'm having problems with my bank account ( had to get a new one becasue someone tried to steal my money ), the seller was very sweet and put these two necklaces on reserve for me.


Heh Heh

this makes me laugh. <3


Friday Link Love

Built by Wendy ( above )
What a lovely surprise I discovered today!
This little clothing brand makes pretty clothes
and they offer patterns for you to sew your
own clothing! Just perfect since I have been
trying to learn for years!

Marquis & Camus
Beautiful pieces of work to wear on your neck,
wrist, finger, or your clothes. Really. Check out
their Sale section! I can't even afford that!
But the collections are gorgeous!
( via Luphia Loves )

Renegade Craft Fair
This little show is happening in Brooklyn.
Don't live in Brooklyn? Don't fret!
Check the website for more locations!
Wish I was there! There's lots of artists
I would love to meet!

Have you seen this article about entrances?
So pretty and bright! I'm feeling inspired!
( via design in mine )

Have a lovely weekend all!


Blog Changes

Hello readers! :)

I added a third column to my blog! If you didn't notice my constantly changed blog look, here's a rough review:
+ I changed from a right column to a left
+ I pushed the left column all the way to the left
+ I changed to color, then the fonts

Now I have a third column! I did this because I didn't like the way my Daily Reads were all the way at the bottom, where most people wouldn't even see them most of the time.

So now on the left you can find my stuff, on the right you can find blogs and other things I like :)

By the way, has anyone had a problem with the new embedded comment form? I can't comment on lots of peoples blogs, which makes me feel like I'm giving them the impression that I'm ignoring them. I'm not really. I would reply, but the new comment form is preventing me from showing you how much I appreciate your comment.

Sad. :( If you know how to fix this, I'd be happy to hear! Actually, I'd be really really excited.



For You, a Discount :)

Hello there.

I feel great today. Which is why I’m giving anybody and everybody 10% off any non-sale item ( because all the sale items are priced super low anyway ) in my shop | umbrellastand.etsy.com |. Just mention that you read this in either my Tumblr | umbrellastand.tumblr.com | or blog.

And I also need to pay a few bills and such and I’m awaiting funds from my bank and they aren’t coming quick enough ( business hours are lame! )

So please, buy something. Yes, this is a shameless attempt. But I really do feel great today!


My Very Own Francoise

I really love this thing. It makes me feel pretty :)
I woke up, hair unstraightened (even though it looks straight, the ends were flippy)
and no make up, put on this headband. I felt pretty fancy.
( sorry for the terrible shots...I don't like taking pictures
of myself. I felt slightly awkward... )


Enter A Fabulous Giveaway!



I was tagged by the lovely Anabela of Fieldguided :)

So here's to the questionnaire

What is your current obsession?
Kittens! I am hunting down some vintage prints and paint by numbers to decorate my room :)
And doilies. I feel like throwing them on everything!

What is your weirdest obsession?

Well, I really want a bunny. I really do. I just love how cute they are! My days are spent stalking Daily Bunny just so I can imagine that I have one. Or two.

It may sound completely normal, but a friend gave me a little Dove chocolate in the shape of a bunny and I kept it in my bag for weeks until it melted and I had to give it to my little brother.

What do you see outside your window?

The driveway to my home and lush grass. *swoon* It's summer out

What is your favourite colour?

Oh my! This is a hard...I love soft blue against white and grey currently. But I'm usually more of a cobalt blue with charcoal grey and black.

What is your weakness?
Shopping. I need to tuck my wallet away for it seems to have issues with keeping its weight hehe. I have a huge soft spot for candy too.

What animal would you be?

I am very jealous of my kitties. I want to be lazy and sleep on tables and chairs too! And they get to hop and hide in crazy places. Plus they're cute :D

What would you like to learn how to do?
When I was younger, I would watch my sister make little patterns with her embroidery threads and I was so amazed at what she could do. Now I kind of wish she still did it so she could teach me. I suppose spending hours on YouTube and Google will suffice at the moment hehe

What do you want to never happen in life?

I don't like seeing pain or crime or death or drugs. So nothing bad? hehe I cheated on that one.

What is on your bedside table?

A lovely headband that I just recieved from the sweetest shop ever, a tie I need to give my boyfriend ( also from Fieldguided ), my glasses, and a mess of things that I need to take care of

What's the last thing you bought?

A spot to sponsor a lovely blog. The first outreach advertising I did to get my shop out there. *fingers crossed*
Before that, I bought myself a very sweet headband

And my sweetie a tie :)
What do you think about the person that tagged you?
Obviously I'm a HUGE fan of her blog & shop! Anabela's got such a nice personality. She's very nice too :)

What was your favourite children's book?

I'm going to go off subject for a bit. I love how favorite it spelled right there. The "u" always gets me.
Anyway, my favorite children's book is Peter Rabbit and Owen. I have a thing for cute little mouseys in children's books. And I love bunnies.

Who do you want to meet in person?

I really want to meet Erin Fetherston and Richard Chai and Phillip Lim and Thakoon. They make pretty clothes :)
I would also like to meet my readers. They make me happy. You guys are so lovely! Thank you <3

What did you want to be as a child?
I wanted to be a fashion designer/boutique owner. I still do. Whole heartedly.

What did you dream about last night?

I don't quite remeber. I remeber feeling fuzzy though. Odd...

Which do you prefer, day or night?

Day because it's brighter out and I don't get scared walking to my door and it being super dark. But I don't like mornings because I love sleep. It's the best.

What's your favourite piece of clothing in your closet?

I have this high waisted floral skirt that my sister got me. I try to wear out as much as possible ( I know it's not to be an outfit repeater, but I love that thing so much! ).
Oh and this Thakoon for Target shirt that I've also worn more than 3 times a month...I think to the same place also. heh heh

What's your plan for tomorrow?

I might visit my sweetie. He only lives two blocks away but we're so busy these days!
Other than that, I will probably be preparing posts for the blog and take photos and list things.

What would you like to get your hands on right now?

Hmm...perhaps a thousand dollars so I can get some Polaroid film, this paint by number kitten painting I've been looking at for ages, a nice bed for the kitties, bribe my parents into letting me have a bunny... this, this, this, and this...oh dear...I think I need more money!

Or maybe quite simply thicker curtains to block out the sun in the mornings when I'm still drowsy.

What is your must have of the moment?

A nice pair of sunglasses and a light dress with pretty sandals.
And a popsicle. Yum.

What's your favourite tea flavour?

Rasberry and pomergrante. I can't remeber the brand, but it was light and sweet. I had it once and I loved every last sip. And I don't usually drink tea.

If you could go anywhere is the world right now, where would you go?

I would visit my cousins again in Australia or go to Paris and finally eat macaroons and stalk fashion designers. Or maybe California and see my hometown and relatives.
Any would be nice.

Where do you get your inspiration?
i get mine for various blogs. you can find them in the "Daily Reads" section of the blog :)
I love crafting blogs. As for the wedding blogs...I'm far too young to get married. But I love floral arrangements and pretty invitations. :)

I tag : Jessica, Jasmine, Sofia, Danni
( you're supposed to tag 8, but most peoples I know have already been tagged & I don't want them to do it again! you are not obligated to do this in anyway!)

Hello June!

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month!
( thanks to my cousins in AUS who introduced me to that! )
Say hello to the Summer 09 Collection!
Most pieces are limited editions of only one ;)


Wow! I had a busy weekend!

Friday : I went to my brother's graduation. Another sibling off to college!
Saturday : Cleaned, cleaned, half-way organized ( pictures to come )
and I made some new very limited designs for the shop!
It's been empty for quite awhile and I really need to get going on the Summer
Sunday: Same as saturday, only I took pictures this time :)

Then I took a lovely nap for a few hours.

Here is a sneak peak:

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