i have read so many blogs announcing a giveaway or a giveaway to-be, so i thought, hey! let's have one here at umbrellastand!

follow bloggiveaway for more!

so far i am only looking at shops and have had a few sellers agree to sponsor the giveaway already which is a good start since my shop and this blog is only a few weeks old and not many people have heard of this blog yet.. it was pretty brave of the sellers to agree to it, i must admit. but it is very appreciated!

thanks to everyone who donated items already!


what's a kid to do with only a camera and a roomful of inanimate objects? take random pictures!

i am going to get some oldschool film and dust this dear camera off. it's an old cannon from the 80s. my parents bought it when they had my eldest brother. he's 22. i might just keep it for nostalgic purposes. who knows?

**the quality of these pictures have been lowered for privacy reasons.
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