Busy Busy Busy!

Whew! On to my next year of school. Counting down the days till summer already....

A few announcements:
- The giveaway will keep going! I haven't been promoting it as much as I usually do. So keep entering for your chance to win! End date will be announced soon.

- I have a few spots left ( 2 ) for ads. Please do see the announcement here and email me if you are interested!

I do apologize for my lack of organization. Once I get back into the swing of things, I promise I'll gather my bearings and write about things worth reading hehe.


Hello Weekend!

Okay, so the shop is semi-updated! There's some new items and pictures. Do you like the new backdrop of the items? I used a mini teapot I found years ago and a ring I purchased from Forever 21.

1. Darling Dexter, such a lovely blog, is 2 years old! Whitney is doing an A - Z tribute to her blog. How cute is that? What a great idea. I hope this little blog grows to something as cool as hers! I just got to get over my love/hate relationship with blogging first heh.

2. Check out my latest addition to blogs I'm following! The Velvet Bird is bursting with vintage inspiration. I love the great thrifted outfits Vanessa posts. So lovely! And check out her Etsy shop. I'm digging that wooden bow necklace!

3. Have you seen the new Anthropologie catalogue? They used actual people as models. What a cool idea! And the clothes are pretty too. That never fails.

4. I think I'm going crazy with the idea of spending any more money lately, but this shop is so tempting. I've been looking for little trinkets and such to fill up my new room. Plus my parents aren't into decorating, so I pretty much took that over heh. Check out The Curiosity Shoppe. So cute!

5. And a little announcement! If you have a little banner for your shop or blog ( I'm looking for some new inspirational blogs and blogging friends! ) I would be happy to post it up for you! Free of charge! I am only going to have five spots up & it's first come, first served basis. I just wanted a little something to add to the right column of the blog since I worked so hard with html coding to put it in! Please do email me if you are interested.

Well I'm off to my last weekend before classes resume! Have a happy weekend all!


Oh Hello!

Whew! Last weekend was super fun! I went camping in Carthage, Missouri and got a nice tan, then I finally learned how to drive! This week is packed with lots of things to do before school starts, which is next week, but we'll be back to regular blogging soon. Promise.

A few announcements:
- the sale in the shop has ended & I will update some pictures. I've gotten quite lazy and haven't done so in a while heh.
- new items will be added throughout the week, so check back!
- there will be a giveaway going on here on Friday! I haven't done one in a while, so I'm going to do another one. Giveaways make me happy :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Daily Inspiration & Weekend Links


A few of my favorite things! I will be out of town Thursday through Sunday, and I'm taking a few days off blogging to get ready for a lovely camping trip! So in my absence, I have posted a few happenings that will take place while I'm out and about with nature :)

Oh, Hello Friend is having a customer appreciation week! How sweet! Check out this post for all the great deals and daily giveaways!

♥ see another one of my favorite blogs! tummy-ache

Have a happy weekend all! Sorry there's not a lot of links! My computer is being awful at the moment... :(



Hello lovely ladies! How was your weekend?

Here's a cute little giveaway from my newest blogger friend, Jane! She runs shegreetstheday and the sweetest little blog! Be sure to check it out! They giveaway ends 8.17.09!!
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