hello darlings!

i have completed the giveaway and rounded up bunches of pretty things. the theme of this giveaway is prettying up your office space. or anything else, really.

1. you may enter 10 times. each entry is equal to 10 points. be sure to somehow include your
email address!

you may enter in the following ways:
-leave a comment {1 point per entry}
-purchase anything from the stores that participated or even from umbrellastand
(just simply email me a copy of the transatcion number and item) {10 points}
-post a copy of the giveaway banner-be sure to leave the link in the comment {5 points}
-twitter about it! send me a direct message {5 points}

2. the giveaway starts March 23rd, and ends April 1st
3. winners will be chosen the following weekend. they will be notified via email and announced
the same day.
4. good luck everyone!


Jingle said...

I tweeted about your giveaway!

noella said...

wooow i love the giveaways!!!! these stuff would really brighten up my office/studio/room space

noella said...

btw hope this isnt one of your april fool jokes cuz that would be just plain mean after youve showed us all this lovey eye-candy!

my email

babalisme said...

I tweet about your giveaway, but I can't send you a direct message.


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