Today I Like [ I Just Can't Get Enough ]

i love floral cabs. i just want to put them on everything! hope you guys had a lovely weekend! i will be super busy so i won't be posting as much.

new items will be added mid may perhaps as well as a shop makeover! i have already begun the process but will be changing things little by little.


Roarclothing said...

they would be so cute as earings... but i see from ur etsy shop that u already thought of that!!


Roarclothing said...

me again! i was just looking at your etsy store... do you sell to any shops or is it just all done by yourself on etsy? xx

noella said...

cuute flowers - love the color combination!! oooh bunch it and glue them all together and make a belt out of it to wear ontop of plain shirts!!
:) perfecto for the summer

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