Okay, so my favorite season for clothing is summer and winter. Because in both seasons, bows just seem way cuter and florals are always great in s/s, and pretty in moderation during the f/w.
Well I discovered this lovely label of clothing off the ever-inspiring Luphia loves... and they have been on my mind since! They're clothes reminds me of Chloe's S/S collection with a slight touch of I don't know...maybe a hint of rock with the class goodie goodie? I don't think I'm making sense so here's the link to the cutest shop in the word!

( images via Nadinoo)

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Jennifer said...

Wonderful pieces! You're making total sense and I love those pants!

I think right now fashion is allowing a bunch of *types* to come together, finally acknowledging that sometimes the goodie goodie girl has an edge...it's definitely a refreshing blend!

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