A Few of My Favorite Things

If only I had a million dollars...I would give some money to charity, pay for college, get a nice car...and spend it on these lovely finds from Etsy.

Lizzy Jassen Gems by Print Liberation, $22 +

The Rock Ring by saralagace, $75 +

Creme Brulee Dress by reddoll, $175 +

Neon Floral High Waisted Pencil Skirt by Cast Couture, $40 +
Arrow Stud Earrings by LiamofYork, $70 +
Gold Dot Necklace by Diamentdesigns, $38 +

P.S. A little plug in here for my shop, Umbrellastand is having a sale to clear inventory for summer! Please shop away so :)

1 comment:

Madeline J. Wiley said...

I have go through your all products. The denim and t-shirts are really affordable and standard. The jewelry and mini skirt products are also beautiful. Your collection of women accessories are really strong...thanks

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