Today I Like


Bleu Wallpaper Gathered Skirt; $35 by desirapesta <3
Desira is a one-woman team. It seems like a lot of work,so she must be
pretty darn amazing! She designs the most darling and slightly daring
clothing with a small touch of circus and clean lines. I've been looking at this skirt
for a very long time. So lovely! Check out her shop for more lovely clothing!

See her website for more bits : www.desirapesta.com

floral cotton lawn needlebook; $18 by fieldguided <3
Fieldguided is the work of the lovely Anabela and Geoff. They are lovely!
I like to use their blogs and website as my virtual inspiration blog since my
bulletin board seems to be afraid of going up on the wall
( I just can't seem to get that darn thing up there! ).
Visit their shop for more vintage cuteness! See their website for lots of links
and a peek into their days : www.fieldguided.com

* this is going to be my major focus throughout the week, so please check back often!


Jane said...

ooh! love both items and skirt!
fieldguided was mentioned in quite a few blogs too!


Anonymous said...

ohh. i like the print of the skirt.

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