Happy Weekend!

Oh how i love this look! I wish to copy it one day.
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Oh my my...I have been far too absent from this blog.
And the shop. And my email accounts, which each had about three hundred emails and I use three accounts actively. Oh dear...

To be quite honest with you guys, I am a loser. I'm a book nerd. I am an honor student with FAR to much time to study and Facebook. One year left until I graduate and I am anticipating it day by day.

Class let out early and I spent the better part of my time out working on photographing items and making business cards and packaging and organizing and lining up posts and now I shall spend a little time napping.

( I have photographed my progress along the way. That'll be in another post tomorrow :] . )

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Jane D. said...

hi melissa! long time no see (; just stopping by to say hi!

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